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trew health philosophy

‘trewhealth believes that every person has a common aspiration to improve his or her health, wellbeing and productivity’.

We aim to encourage, motivate, inspire, foster and develop this desire, by providing health programs and initiatives that are widely accessable, stimulating positive changes.

We promote a broader model of health education that places equal impetus on physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. In accordance with this, we recognise that the employee’s time away from work is just as important as time spent at the workplace. It is for this reason we strive to design initiatives that carry health awareness into all aspects of an individual’s life.


To be recognised as health education market leaders, delivering inspiring, innovative and dynamic health and fitness solutions, thereby releasing the potential contribution improved health of employees can make to their work environment and general wellbeing.


trewhealth staff are professional and focused team players, committed to improving the lifestyle of their clients.

Wellness is based on a balance in all aspects of our lives, both at work and leisure.

Moderation in all things is integral to the provision of ‘Best Practice – Clinical Health’.

Health education and understanding leads to increased personal satisfaction and confidence. This means taking the message beyond the work environment and making a difference in all aspects of the individual’s life.


‘trewhealth endeavors to run Corporate Health Programs as a partnership with the person, company and employee’.

We regard customer satisfaction as a primary key performance indicator and the most critical success factor.

Therefore objectives and targets are constantly set so that progress can be monitored.

trewhealth guarantees value for money. We are commited to the concept of continuous improvement in every facet of our business.

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